Please note prices are adjusted every so often to accommodate my time and effort and cost of living.

Flat Color Illustation $100

Character with flat colors. Simple background color or none. 2+ weeks turnaround.

Full Color Illustration $170

Character with full color and effects. Simple background color or none (Complex environmental background optional). 4+ weeks turnaround.

Character Sheet $230

Four drawings of one single character in one sheet, cel shaded. Poses/ Gestures up to your discretion or to my liberty. 4+ weeks turnaround.

Custom Character Design $240+

For new or incomplete designs. Front and Back full body for a whole new design, default base render is flat color. Takes into account of completion of design, color schemes, versions before final design, etc. Cel Shade, or Full Color render optional. Price adjusted based on decision and added props. Turnaround 4+ weeks.

Edits: I can make edits during the sketch stage or lineart stage. 4 edits maximum. The stage will move on upon your approval. I will send you progress shots for you to review and let me know of changes. Any further edits after the sketch and lineart stage will be an extra $5 fee per edit.Payment: Payments are done by Paypal only, up front, USD, which is sent after confirming all details of commission. Payment must be made within 24 hours of sending invoice. Once payment has been made, commission will be started on, depending on your queue in line. Note your commission may take from two weeks to four weeks. If things come up, I will notify you of delays/postponement. I do not accept any form of cryptocurrency.Refunds: During the sketch or lineart stage you may ask for a refund should you feel it is not up to your satisfaction or something financial comes up. Max amount of refund will be half of what you paid for. No refunds can be made after those stages.Rights to Image:
You are allowed to use the commissioned artwork as a banner, icon, or for any non-commercial reason. You cannot use image for merch, and other commercial reasons. Reproduction of image for commercial uses must be discussed with artist for settlements, agreements, etc. I will always credit you as the commissioner where the commission is displayed should I display it on my portfolio, accounts, or elsewhere. Anything created by Bioatomic may not be used in any block-chain related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space.
Should you include any of my original characters in your commission, I retain all rights to my characters and whether or not to say no to said commission based on that premise. If you are also expecting another style from me, I reserve the right to accept or deny. You came to me for "my" style, not others.After reviewing your submission or talking with you and getting all the details down, I will send you an invoice for the total. I will not start until invoice is paid in full. Once paid, you will be put in a queue.

Flat Color Commission

This render option is for a simple colored full body illustration of a chosen character. Pose, Gesture, and Expression given by client or left to my liberty.--Flat Color = no Shading, Gradients, or Effects.
-Simple Color Background of your choice or chosen by me.
-Complex Backgrounds (Room, Place, Outside etc) can be added at an additional charge depending on level of detail.
-Additional character is an extra $40.
Takes 2* weeks to complete.

Full Color Commission

This option is for a more full rendered full body illustration of a chosen character. Pose, Gesture, and Expression given by client or left to my liberty.-Full Color = Shading, Gradients, and Effects.
-Simple Color Background of your choice or chosen by me.
-Complex Backgrounds (Room, Place, Outside etc) can be added at an additional charge depending on level of detail.
-Additional character is an extra $50.
Takes 4* weeks to complete.


♦ I try to open for commissions every 2 to 3 months, depending on the workload I can also manage with my main job and family. Due to this, turnaround time is slow but I often keep one updated on delays. Weekends are my best windows for commission progress.♦ My slots are not first come first serve.♦ Whenever I'm open for commissions, I provide a Google submission form
for you to request a slot. After I review a form, I send out a DM or email to confirm details and invoice.
♦ Not all submissions get chosen, so please don't take it personally! Selections are based on which submissions I feel can be finished in a reasonable time given my life outside of commissions.♦ I do not offer a waiting list.♦ Visual references of your characters are required as I do not work off descriptions!


Can do:
• Robots (Bipedal or of humanoid mold) Cyborgs and Androids.
• Object-heads, Masked figures, Faceless figures
• Humans, Demons, Angels, and other Fantasy humanoids
• Simple Anthros
• My own characters.

Won't Do:
• Custom video game characters or FanOCs.
• Licensed or pre-existing characters (from comics/mangas, shows, video games etc)
• Real life people (celebrities, you, or friends/relatives)
• Animals
• Feral Creatures (quadruped or fantasy creatures that aren't inherently sentient/sapient I guess).

Adoptable/Design Terms of Service

By purchasing my designs, you confirm you agree to my terms and services.Payment and Availability:Payments are done exclusively in USD, 100% upfront, and through PayPal invoice. There is no holding, you must pay for the design within the 24 hour window, otherwise the design will be then given to the next highest bid or reopened.After final bid and payment, you will be sent the full res image, file, and transparent version if requested- through email.Your Rights:You have the right to use design for personal use: drawings, stories and comics, role-playing, avatars and icons. You can print artworks done for the design for yourself.
Profit use is prohibited. This includes mass-printing, merchandise, and other commercial use. If you happen to someday want to publish your stories with the character or use it for profit, please contact me first and we can organise this to be done legally.
You can make changes to the design in regards to color or small features but without altering it's initial design too much. You may regift a design but no higher than it was purchased for.You cannot make an NFT out of the original artwork or the design itself, and sell it for cryptocurrency or any future invention of the space. Doing this immediately revokes any rights to the adopt, and I am allowed to resell it.You agree to not use the design to advocate for hate speech, harassment, and abuse.My Rights:I am to be credited as the creator of the design wherever it is displayed.
I may use the design to display on portfolios or galleries, art books, self-promotion and example work. I may create a heavily altered design from its initial version for other use.
I will not sell a design that's already been sold to someone else.